The Ministry of Iron Sharpenth Iron

"It is pertinent that ministries and churches must move forward whether we like it or not. Most followers and disciples have failed to realized the fact that they have little time to spend under the mentorship of their General Overseers and Bishops, pitifully they have been enslaved with morsel.


Register For Project A.C.H.I.E.V.E

Step Up And Learn. As a minister of the gospel be you a Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Prophetess, Bishop, Apostle, living on a single means of income can be frustrating when you have bills to pay! Step Up And Learn as You Can Achieve More With Little.

Don't Be Silenced By People Who Don't Know Your Story

"The crowd told him to be quiet but he shouted even more loudly" - Mark 10:48 As Bartimaeus called to Jesus, the crowd, including Jesus' disciples, tried to stop him. They thought he was distrurbuibg Jesus on his journey.

Social Parties And Merry Making For Money Rituals.

There's No Yahoo Anymore, No More Yahoo Plus. People are now being used For Money Rituals Eight Under Their Nose. Tale Note, Brothers And Sisters A.K.A. Long Throat, Chop And Quench, Atenus & Ona Ofun Ona Orun.

Round Peg In A Round Hole.

Epistle to all Ministers And Workers in God's Vineyard, Head of Departments, Directors, Rectors, Principals, Pastors, Prophets, Superintendents, Apostles, AGOs and G.Os.

Get Learned Mr. Pastor

No man is an island of knowledge and no sincere godly Christian rejoice in the downfall of another brethren, but we should intreat pastors accordingly.

Do Not Keep Your 4 By 4 Ideas With 2 By 2 People. Connect Your Greater Kinds.

I once learnt an acronym culled from the word TEAM. It says "Together, Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M)". To go fast is to go alone, but to go far is to go together. Just like when you are on a treadmill, you could be running without moving. The truth is that most of us seems lost in bodies and lives not really our own till we find ourselves.

What Are Your Expectations From President Muhammadu Buhari.

There is a story shared recently how men and women found themselves in trouble during a flight from London to Amsterdam. The plane developed unexpected fault and they all panicked. While the air hostesses are assuring them a safe landing after the announcement, some were still disturbed, later the plane landed safely.

Stop Comparing Relationships.

Some wash their husband's clothes and it works for them. Others don't and amazingly it works for them too. Some cook for their husband and it works for them others don't and shockingly, it works for them. Some are full time house wife and it works perfectly for them. others are not and trust me, it also works for them.

Wishing He Were Your Husband.

When you are caught in emotional adultery, these four steps will help guide your heart back to your spouse. Pam is a faithful follower of Christ and very active in her church, so when she discovered her husband's pornography addiction, she felt betrayed. It wasn't long until a male Christian friend at work caught Pam's attention.

Rare Etiquette

1. Don't call someone more than twice continuously. If they don't pick up your call, presume they have something important to attend to; 2. Return money that you have borrowed even before the other person remembers asking for it from you. It shows your integrity and character. Same goes with umbrellas, pens and lunch boxes; 3. Never order the expensive dish on the menu when someone is giving you a lunch/dinner. If possible ask them to order their choice of food for you;

The Difference Between Internet Speed And Internet Data Usage.

Understanding the difference between internet speed and data usage can be confusing, but knowing the differences can save you a lot of money. Internet speed is the measure of how quickly information is transferred to your device. The numbers you can expect to see for your internet speed can range from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps (Mbps = millions of bits per second or megabits per second).